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Web Traffic Tracking & Analysis Training

During these interactive knowledge sharing sessions you will learn how to use a few web traffic analyszing tools and the best practices to meet your business objectives & drive online ROI. We will show you the Pros and Cons of each tool and how you use each more effectively. This session fits all web marketing professionals including IT, marketing and sales staff. The session will cover:

  • How to track and identify high and low performance ads and referring links (natural or paid) and their related particular activities and sales transactions
  • How to optimize marketing campaigns such as pay per click, banner advertising, email and affiliate marketing
  • Identifying new advertising sources and high-yielding keywords in order to enhance quality traffic and achieve higher conversion
  • How to set up goals to track sales and visitor origins
  • How to Trace the browsing path of every visitor (and groups of visitors) and see all actions and sales that the visitor performed while browsing your site
  • How to get general traffic statistics (paid and natural) of your site (e.g. unique visitors, requested pages, referrers, visitor path, click IPs, and search keywords etc...)
  • What are split tests, campaigns, actions and more
  • How to monitor conversion rates for actions and sales, measure return on investment (ROI) for campaigns and campaign groups
  • How to detect visitor geographical locations using IP and data of sales per country, actions per country and more
  • Measure campaign key performance indicators such as cost for a campaign either per click or total spending
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If you still have questions about our Web Traffic Tracking & Analysis Training services please contact us for more details or fill out the inquiry form below. We will get back to you within one business day.

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