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English SEO

English SEO Services   About 40% of Hong Kong's businesses are involved in manufacturing and import & export. These businesses must be able to communicate effectively in English with overseas customers via both traditional platforms and online presense. Having a website that is not only grammatically accurate in English but also search engine optimized for leading English search engines is therefore critical. The need for English SEO - English search engine optimization has then emerged and Yo-So has become the leader in the market for providing such English SEO services.

Almost all of our key English SEO team members have studied, worked and lived abroad. We are familiar with English search engines and user search behavior. We have helped many clients build English sites or optimize existing English page content for better English search engine inclusion and indexing.

Knowledge Transfer of English SEO Best Practices

The Yo-So English SEO consulting team has extensive expertise in building search engine optimized websites in English. Our English search engine optimization solution is designed to educate our customers on the comprehensive algorithms of English search engines. Our English SEO service reports update you with constantly changing search engine mechanism information so that you can adopt SEO practices to continue to succeed online.

Yo-So helps you understand how English search engines index websites and rank results, how to identify effective keywords and optimize page content and site navigation, and how to improve search ratings. We report on your rankings of selected English keywords on various English search engines and how your competitors rank. We share with you the strength and weakness of your existing English SEO status, and we deliver a complete list of approaches and easy to follow steps for you to consider.

We adopt only ethical seo techniques and we share with you English SEO best practices so that your website can achieve long term better rankings. We enpower you with seo analytical reports, ranking status updates and web traffic analyzer solution to monitor search engine optimization effectiveness. Our total English SEO solution include consulting, training, reporting, hosted web traffic analyzer solution and SEO execution (such as code optimization, copywriting optimization, English SEO localization, and other external optimization activities).

English SEO Deliverables

The Yo-So English SEO service pack include the following deliverables:

  • Tailor made consulting & analytical studies and reports
  • Research statistics and strategic recommendations for effective SEO and online marketing planning
  • Assessment of existing SEO effectiveness and analysis of your strength and areas for improvement
  • Competitive studies and benchmarking with others
  • External ranking optimization resources assessment and improvement training
  • Keyword research methodologies training and site structure and content optimization training
  • Knowledge transfer of website coding optimization and how it affects overall search engine rankings and visibility
  • Knowledge transfer on conversion optimization of critical site pages and linking efficiencies
  • Knowledge transfer on leading search engine characteristics and search portals' relationships
  • Training on how to effectively use Yo-So Site Track or other tools to track your SEO achievements
  • Code and page content optimization for English search engines
  • External SEO optimization steps and methodologies training
  • Competitive SEO intelligence of the English market

Additional Services Available:

  • Website translation into English as an additional service
  • Search engine optimization execution

If you are interested in our English SEO services and would like to see a few successful case studies, please contact us for more details or fill out the online inquiry form below. We will get back to you within one business day.

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