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Here you can find out who Yo-So is and why many of our clients trust Yo-So for their online marketing initiatives. You will get to know the people and their work, all from here.
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About Yo-So


Yo-So is a new generation SEO - search engine optimization and SEM - search engine marketing solution provider. With our expert services and suite of software and online platforms, we help our clients take advantage of the enormous distribution power and target-reaching capability of Internet search to efficiently exceed marketing goals and maximize return on investment.

We are a leading search engine marketer in Greater China area.

5 Reasons Why Our Clients Choose Yo-So

Yo-So was founded by a group of search engine marketing specialists. It employs experienced and talented professionals, builds innovative and ROI-focused search marketing management tools, and offers a full suite of integrated search services. Our clients receive the following when working with us:

Leadership Experience
Yo-So's management team has substantial Internet and search engine marketing experience. Having worked for prominent Internet companies such as Yahoo, SINA and multi-national telecom giant such as SBC, our co-founders understand the Internet search business and companies' need to market globally better than our competitors. Our critical industry know-How and uncomparible technology advantages will enable our clients to efficiently achieve their marketing goals. Such allows us to become the leading search engine marketer in Greater China.

Exclusive Focus On Search
Yo-So is a full service online marketing agency. We work with advertising agencies to deliver efficient and cost-effective search marketing solutions which complete the comprehensive marketing mix the agencies offer to their clients. Yo-So views search as a medium to market more effectively online and offline. By dedicating itself fully to search exclusively, Yo-So enables its clients to leverage our collective insight, experience, and all of the opportunities the medium has to offer.

Technology & Intelligence Behind The Data
Yo-So's search marketing team supplies more than just keyword visibility and tracking - we dig beyond the metrics to pave the way for future success. Our bid management service, in-depth analysis and strategic recommendations help clients exceed performance goals and maximize ROI.

By providing customized reports for each search marketing program and campaign, Yo-So shows how every marketing dollar spent has an impact on the bottom line. Our reports detail the data necessary to make better-informed business decisions by mapping consumers' search behavior to actions.

Client Service
Yo-So becomes an extension of its clients' marketing and technical teams and works toward specific business objectives. Each team member brings a wealth of experience to the table, providing strategic insight into search. Leveraging modern communication via Internet, our professionals can quickly understand our clients' needs and provide solutions effectively.



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